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What is projection mapping and how can events use it?

Projection Mapping uses custom video technology projection where we can actually transform flat and non flat surfaces or event any object into a 2D or 3D immersive video

Projection mapped surfaces  an appear to animate,
take on it's own unique life and more, it's truly amazing! 

Welcome to the Projection Mapping Company, we are here to create the impossible

Brand Launches and more

Our 3D Projection Mapping process will cover every surface, from initial designs and concepts, we perform laser scanning of the space or object, and building sets, through to storyboarding and animation, building equipment, and finally setup and installation and operation at the site with you and your clients

Projection mapping on the floors

If you have wondered if 3D Projection Mapping could be the right thing for your next event or project, then please send us an email here. We enjoy developing concepts and discussing ideas, and we especially love wowing our clients with amazing projection mapping!

How much does Projection Mapping cost?


Prices start at just $7,000 

for 5 minutes and can loop!


It's a simple process that leaves you creatively in control always


We literally can transform any surface into an amazing space

event space

Transform any surface at your event space into anything! 

What is the cost for custom projection mapping?

We offer a variety of plans for all types of budgets and clients world wide 

Prices for custom projection mapping 

  • 5 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $17000  
  • 10 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $19500  
  • 15 minutes of 3D Projection Mapping $23000  

Other amounts and custom packages are available for your event or show 

You may email us for custom projection mapping events and shows by clicking here 

Projection mapping company

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Let's talk about projection mapping today


Major events like an automobile launch or product reveal can benefit from projection mapping and make the most BORING thing sounds amazing such as this truck event we did with ISUZU

about the Projection Mapping Company

We create Projection Mapping

The larger the space, the more projectors you will need, and the higher the cost of projection mapping in events. While its true that you don’t need to create an entirely new environment with a projection for attendees to have a great experience. Consider where you think guests will visit most so that the projection will be seen often. Probably the entrance, bathrooms, buffet tables and speaker areas. Another important factor is to think about what surface has non-reflective properties so that the image displays accurately.


Projection Mapping Experience

Real 3D projection mapping, while incorporating video will be at the high end of the cost spectrum. Especially those that include live feeds.  


We handle everything 

From the design of your projection mapping show, location mapping, programming, music, and show execution, we do everything for your projection mapping show or event



Projection mapping shows can be created in less than 2 weeks for a short show while more custom shows can take between 6-8 weeks for most shows, tell us your ideas and we can discuss today.


Live projection mapping

A note about video: pre-recording is preferred wherever possible or at least having a recorded background to ensure fewer glitches occur during your event or unveil, we are experts at live projection mapping for launches so you have a true choice here for your event. 

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How does projection mapping work?

Projection Mapping uses technology to project objects onto a surface. ... Unlike flat screen mapping, the objects are not just projected onto a flat surface, they are designed to wrap around buildings and mold into their shape, turning common objects into interactive 3D displays

What surfaces can you project on?

The size and complexity of detail of the images that you will be projecting will have a direct correlation to the cost. To try to stay within budget, try and focus on smaller details that will catch the viewer’s attention. For example, guests might enjoy smaller or interactive video projections at their tables rather than a giant wall mirage.

Disney has a fantastic idea for using projection mapping in events. They have projected classic Disney characters onto plain white wedding cakes. As you can see, this is only a small projection in size, but it’s big in impact.

Projection Mapping Company